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The trashing of Bruce Willis’s legacy, whatever that was, continues apace.

His latest is a D movie going straight to video and to airplanes called “Deadlocked.” Bruce, once the highest paid movie star in the world, now gets second billing to former soap star Patrick Muldoon. (Muldoon takes the place here of fill in the blank Frank Grillo, Chad Michael Murray, whatever younger failed soap star turned action hero is available. It’s the formula.)

“Deadlock” is directed by Jared Cohn, who has a decade’s worth of credits for movies no one has ever heard of. In the trailer, Bruce says little and doesn’t move around much. It looks like all his work was done in one day and cut up into various scenes. Otherwise they use a stand in. I’m not sure if Bruce has any idea what’s going on, and it’s getting worse.

“Deadlock” has no fewer than 17 Executive Producers! And three more people with producer credits (they probably did the work). One of the EPs is of course Stephen J. Eads, who I’m starting to wonder about. And so should Bruce’s wife, Emma, and his wife, Demi Moore. There are now trashbins full of these things. There are no fewer than 10– TEN– more coming soon!

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