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The Santa Fe Sheriff’s department has no news yet about bringing any charges in the “Rust” movie Alec Baldwin scandal concerning the death of Halyna Hutchins and shooting of Joel Souza.

The sheriff, Adan Mendoza,  said at a press conference going on right now that they’ve got the bullet that killed Hutchins and was removed from Souza’s shoulder. More importantly, they also have matching live rounds from the weapon that killed Hutchins found on the set. This indicates that the gun was shot more than once, not necessarily only by Baldwin but by others also perhaps prior to the incident. There have been allegations that the gun was used for fun before its use on set.

The sheriff says there were was other ammunition in the fun fired by Baldwin.

Further investigations are pending. All the evidence is going to the FBI crime lab for testing.

The local District Attorney said at the press conference: “No one has been ruled out at this point. Right now [Alec Baldwin] is an active part of this investigation.”

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