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Does anyone know why “Fear the Walking Dead” is still on TV?

On Sunday night, according to reports, they shot a zombie baby who’d been stuffed into a suitcase. The audience didn’t see the baby, but that was the implication, that there was a baby in the suitcase. I’m sorry I missed that.

I stopped watching “The Walking Dead,” now in its miserable final throes of life, when Negan was smashing heads with a baseball bat. I think the fun is gone from this once humorous series.

The result of this misbegotten mishegos is that “FTWD” dropped another almost 10% in the ratings to 955,000 viewers. They’ve been below 1 million before, but I don’t think they’re coming back this time. Plus, at 9pm former “Walking Dead” fans can turn to HBO and see “Succession,” which is far more psychologically frightening with no physical violence.

Watch the clip only if you want to be totally repulsed:

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