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Adele’s “Easy On Me” is booming away at radio. The single has been added to the largest number of radio stations in existence, and getting played more than any other record by the hour. This is all according to MediaBase, which tracks song plays and stations.

According to Buzz Angle, “Easy On Me” is now nearing 600,000 copies sold, mostly from streaming. That’s not the same numbers as Adele’s singles from 2015, but it’s better than any other record for sale today or the last year.

Meantime, “Easy On Me” was knocked off its perch at number 1 on iTunes after 10 straight days. The temporary displacer is a moronic single called “Let’s Go Brandon!” by Bryson Gray Tyson, an anti-Biden record for anti-vaxxers. Idiots are pushing this piece of crap up the iTunes chart, but no one in their right mind would spend money on it. It’s not a song, or a record, it’s just garbage.

Adele will be back at number 1 by tomorrow.

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