Home Television “Saturday Night Live” Ratings Remain on the Low Side

“Saturday Night Live” is in a ratings decline and last night was no different. The household overnights were 3.7 million. Total viewers will come in not much higher.

The show itself was top notch, I thought. Jason Sudeikis was an amiable host with many clever sketches. His monologue was touching, and maybe designed to remind viewers how much the show has meant to our culture. (So start watching again was the subliminal message.)

Brandi Carlile was the best musical guest in ages. What a difference when the musical guest is musical. Her performances were knockouts, lovely, for the record books. What a soaring, gorgeous voice!

Kate McKinnon is still AWOL. And some of the newer players haven’t made their mark yet. But James Austin Johnson has jumped in as Biden and in other sketches hitting the ground running. It’s like he’s always been on the show.

But viewership just down by a million year to year.  The show needs an extra spark.


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