Home business Box Office: “Dune” Spices Up the Box Office with Underwhelming $40 Million...

“Dune” was the movie that was always coming and never did, then finally arrived with HBO Max attached to it.

We’ll never know how Denis Villeneuve’s beautifully made epic did on the home box, but in theaters it made $40 million from Thursday through Sunday. That’s not chump change but it’s also a little underwhelming for a $200 million movie.

How “Dune” will fare going forward is unknown, but it may pick up speed as people get more comfortable being out and about and in theaters. If you’re already going to sporting events, and other large gathering, a theater shouldn’t be much of a deterrent. And “Dune” is worth seeing on the big screen.

Elsewhere “No Time to Die” is up to $120 million after 3 weeks, and heading toward a comfy $150 million. “The Last Duel” is completely dead, and heading to a $150 million write off for Disney.

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