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Thursday night, Warner Bros’ much anticipated “Dune” got started with $5 million in previews.

Based on that number, Denis Villeneuve’s take on Frank Herbert’s sci fi classic could reap $40 million at the box office.

“Dune” is also available on HBO Max, but it’s so stunning that I highly recommend getting off your keisters and seeing it in a theater. Wear a mask.

“Dune” will be up for a lot of below the line Oscars, and you want to be well versed in the details.

Will there be a part 2? Undoubtedly. Box office will only matter so much if the HBO Max numbers are good. Like “Many Saints of Newark,” “Dune” is designed to build interest in the streaming service. There are rumors that “Saints” will turn into an HBO Max series. You could see that happening to “Dune,” as well.

Meanwhile, “The Last Duel” is dead, and “No Time to Die” is struggling to stay alive. The Bond film crossed the $100 mil mark this week, but it’s losing steam quickly.

PS If “The French Dispatch” had previews, there was no report of attendance. It opens officially today at just 50 theaters.


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