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Adele keeps on ticking.

Her new single, “Easy on Me,” released last Thursday night, has sold 350,000 copies through Monday according to Buzz Angle/Alpha Data.

Around 72,000 were actual sales, meaning paid downloads. Otherwise, it’s all streaming. Spotify is in its glory! They’ve recorded 64 million streams for “Easy on Me,” all from the same computer. (Just kidding.)

At this rate, “Easy on Me” will hit 500,000 for first week sales at the end of the day Thursday.

Keep in mind that Adele is a streaming giant anyway. Her big hit from 2015, “Hello,” has streaming over 600,000 copies since the beginning of this year. Can “Easy on Me” beat it? We’ll see.

Sony Music is the beneficiary of all this weeping and carrying on. They should have Sony tissue boxes. They’ve also got the number 2 single, “Stay,” by the Kid Laroi with Justin Bieber, which has been on the charts for weeks. And Lil Nas X is selling like hotcakes.

Just wait for November 19th when Adele’s “30” album lands and all the tracks swamp the singles charts. Ka ching!

The biggest scandal with “Easy on Me”? Whether the o should be upper or lower case!


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