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Boy, am I getting calls today about Marvel’s “Eternals.”

Directed by newly minted Oscar winner Chloe Zhao, “Eternals” has an all star cast. It premiered in Hollywood last night, and screened for the press in New York.

And all hell has broken loose.

Matt Donnelly, a west coast Variety reporter, Tweeted out big spoilers from the film including what happens in the post-credit scene. A big pop star appears. If you scroll down a bit I’ve reproduced the Tweet. He also Tweeted news of a same-sex kiss.

The post-credit scene was only shown in Los Angeles to the premiere crowd. But the New York press audience never saw it. The movie just cut off. So the New York journalists were pissed when they learned that they hadn’t seen what their colleagues saw.

On top of that, the reaction to “Eternals” from those who saw it, also on Twitter, was lukewarm to say the least. There’s a review embargo so reading between the lines is causing eye strain. What I was told is that it feels like an indie Marvel movie. (I think that sounds interesting, at least.)

Meanwhile, Donnelly hasn’t removed his Tweet spoiler. And fans are enraged that he’s ruined the movie for them.

Look below for the spoiler. PS Thanks to the source who sent me this screenshot. Donnelly has blocked me!







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