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Not a surprise: “Succession” returned to HBO for season 3 last night with 1.4 million viewers across all platforms.

That includes HBO and HBO Max. We’ll update when we get the exact breakdown.

HBO says “Succession” Season 3 premiere was its highest premiere on HBO Max so far.

I reviewed the first three episodes last week, but I watched the first episode again last night in real time. You can’t beat it for acting, dialogue, plot. Granted, the F word is dropped every ten seconds and in every form. But otherwise. the machinations of the Roy family would send the Ewings of “Dallas” to a mental hospital. Those people are really deeply disturbed. That’s why we love them!

Jeremy Strong really carries these episodes, but everyone else is spectacular including Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, and J. Cameron-Smith. Strangely enough, Brian Cox, aka magnate Logan Roy, is almost like the calm center of a cyclone. Even though everything happens because of Logan, he is one of the least crazy of these characters.

I really enjoyed Sanaa Lathan as Kendall’s (Strong) new lawyer. Lathan should have been a bigger star a long time ago. Maybe this will do it. Plenty more guest stars are coming including Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgaard, who will be fun but unnecessary. The basic cast is enough to keep dozens of episodes spinning.

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