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Noted Holocaust denier, racist, and misogynist Mel Gibson has a role in the TV mini series prequel for “John Wick.” Apparently the producers couldn’t get NFL coach Jon Gruden.

LionsGate and Starz channel will make the series, called “The Continential,” derived from the Keanu Reeves movies. Deadline says Gibson will play a character named Cormac. (Author Cormac McCarthy is consulting lawyers, I’ll bet.)

Gibson is so much of an outcast in legit Hollywood he’s actually been making D movies directed by his baby mama, Rosalind Ross, who’s 30 years his junior.  He’s also just announced yet another straight to video shlock fest featuring Bruce Willis, who will be used as a lure for foreign sales agents even though he’s in these movies for five minutes and has little dialogue.

I’m surprised that LionsGate is touting Gibson. Starz is like the Dollar Store of streaming and programming, no one watches it or knows what’s on there. OJ Simpson could have a series there and get away with it.


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