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“Saturday Night Live” struck out last night.

Rami Malek hosted, Young Thug was musical guest, and it was the lowest rated “SNL” ever: 3.4 household rating which will translate into not much higher in millions.

This is a bust, and a disappointment. Malek was excellent, but Kate McKinnon is still AWOL and Young Thug was a horrible choice. Daniel Craig made a surprise appearance.

My favorite sketch had Rami and Pete Davidson imitating each other. Also, Colin Jost did a little acting, and was very good.

But a 3.4 household rating means few were interested. And the whole NBA sketch at the beginning? Please. No way. The opening sketch must be political and topical. Not this.

In other news, Aidy Bryant just signed a deal with Universal TV. Her mattress testing sketch last night was excellent.

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