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“No Time to Die” was trounced by “Halloween Kills.” The latter horror film made three times as much as the Bond movie (on its second Friday) with $22 million vs. $7 million.



Last night was not a big celebration for James Bond.

“No Time to Die” made just $7.2 million, down 69% from last Friday’s $23.3 million. That’s a stunning week to week drop, meaning fans didn’t return to see it again. Even though James bought the farm. I’m a little surprised.

Now “No Time to Die” will likely fail to pass $100 million over the weekend. With $82 million all in, another $14 million (fingers crossed) tonight and tomorrow would only bring it to $96 million. If it gets that far.

Also, the Bond film may not finish in first place for a second week. That distinction may go to “Halloween Kills,” which already took Bond out in Thursday previews.

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