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Uh oh. Trouble!

On Thursday night, “No Time to Die” was beaten soundly by previews for the latest “Halloween” movie, “Halloween Kills.”

WTH? “NTD” $3.6 million, “HK” $4.8 million.

It was the fourth day in a row of decline for the James Bond movie, Daniel Craig’s last. And what makes this news very troubling is that “Halloween” was in far fewer theaters last night — 2950 vs. 4407.

“No Time to Die” is now up to $75 million in six days, and will cross $100 million over the weekend. But it’s also possible that it won’t repeat at number 1 this weekend.

The Bond movie carries a very high price tag– around $200 million. “Halloween Kills” cost nothing by comparison. And it’s a horror movie. Yikes.



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