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UPDATE Z100 just played “Easy on Me” at 7:03pm. It’s the first time all day that it’s turned up on their Recently Played list.

EARLIER Adele’s “Easy on Me” is number 1 on iTunes. It was released last night at 7pm Eastern.

But so far, “Easy on Me” has been ignored by the two biggest pop radio stations in the United States.

Both Z100 in New York, and KIIS FM in Los Angeles, have not given it one spin since “Easy on Me” dropped.

One would have thought this Adele fever was an occasion– first new record in six years. But ‘Easy on Me” is not so easy. It’s a kind of turgid ballad without a great chorus. Adele’s vocal is impeccable. But the song itself is not so radio friendly.

Of course, it’s possible that fan phone calls to the stations will get the ball rolling. But radio is not that easy to crack, even for Adele. They need encouragement.

Both stations publish their real time playlists, by the way, so we can see what’s on the air. And that’s a lot of Dua Lipa, Maroon 5, and Lil Nas X. But no Adele. Since both stations throw in “oldies,” i.e. recent hits, I’m surprised there’s not even older Adele hits like “Hello” or “Rolling in the Deep.”

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