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The Beatles’ final release, “Let it Be,” was released in May 1970.

Fifty one years later, the album will be re-released tomorrow in an anniversary edition leading up to the November Disney Plus screening of a documentary about its creation called “Get Back.”

Already three different versions of the new package are at the top of Amazon’s best seller list. The $117 super deluxe edition is number 1, the vinyl version for a similar amount is number 3, and the regular CD version is number 4. Plus the regular old “Let it Be” is number 4.

The super deluxe edition has lots of extras including a revived version of the book that was available back in 1970 that included dialogue from the movie. There are also lots of audio extras.

All the music has been remixed and remastered to go along with recent 50th anniversary editions of Sgt Pepper, the White Album, and Abbey Road.

Paul McCartney, a brilliant marketer, has given some headline making interviews in the last week to bring attention to the Beatles. He’s given a new explanation of how the group broke up, and called the Rolling Stones “a cover band” of blues songs.

In addition to all the “Let it Be”-“Get Back” hoopla, McCartney’s releasing his two volumes called “The Lyrics” on November 2nd, with stories behind 154 of his songs.

Beatlemania never goes away!

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