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It was only three years ago that Kacey Musgraves won Album of the Year and Country Album o the Year for “Golden Hour” at the Grammy Awards. Musgraves is a country star.

But now the Recording Academy has decided that the “Golden Hour” follow up album, “star crossed,” isn’t country sounding enough. They’ve rejected her application for nomination in the Country Album of the Year category.


The country music selection committee just didn’t like the kind of spacey gloss over some of Kacey’s vocals. So, out she goes. You’d think after all the troubles the Grammys have had in the last couple of years they would have just said let this pass. But no, why not kick up a storm? And with a female artist, to boot!

“Star Crossed,” meantime, is a big hit. And the Grammys are letting one song from the album compete as Country Song of the Year.

I’ve listened to the album and there are enough twangy country-sounding songs. How ridiculous. She’s a country artist.

Kacey’s manager isn’t happy. She wrote a letter of complaint to the Recording Academy.

Cindy Mabe wrote: “The idea that a handful of people including competitors, who would benefit from Kacey not being in the country category, are deciding what is country only exacerbates the problem. The system is broken and sadly not just for Kacey Musgraves but for our entire genre because of how these decisions are made for music’s biggest stage. Building roadblocks for artists who dare to fight the system is so dangerous and against everything I think the Grammy’s [sic] stand for. But that’s where we are today.”

Let’s hope the Academy reconsiders, and quickly.

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