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The Golden Globes are going to be given out this season even if no one wants them.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has apparently decided to go forward with the 2022 awards, just not on television and especially not on NBC. The Peacock network put the Globes on hold for this coming year after the HFPA had a number of scandals concerning diversity in their membership and their voting practices.

You would have thought NBC’s decision would have put the kibosh on the Globes. But Variety reports that they’re going to barrel ahead anyway with some kind of presentation to actors at least if not other categories. How they’ll do it remains to be seen since they’re precluded from carrying this out on other TV outlets. Maybe then can stream it on Facebook Live.

There are so many odd twists in this Golden Globes story. The HFPA was taken down by a report in the Hollywood Reporter by Tatiana Siegel. The Hollywood Reporter is owned by Todd Boehly’s MRC company, which also owns Dick Clark Productions,the company that produces the Golden Globes for NBC. Now Boehly — who merged his publishing operations with Jay Penske’s Penske Media, publisher of Variety and Deadline.com, has been named interim CEO of the Golden Globes.

Got that?

At the same time, after months and months of doing nothing to extend membership to people of color, the HFPA finally added 21 new members who were just as unknown as the 80 or so members they already have. Only the HFPA is capable of finding these obscure bylines. The HFPA also just announced a partnership with the NAACP to increase diversity for the Globes. And that announcement engendered criticism from other minorities. So good luck with that.

Meantime, the Golden Globes TV date, January 9th, has been taken by the Critics Choice Awards, a group of 300 or more actual journalists. The show will air on the CW Network, although CBS– which owns the CW– would be smart to put it on the main network as well and grab NBC’s thunder. The Critics Choice is an independent operation, too, and not governed by the trade magazines like Variety and THR which do their own awards advocating and depend on ads from the studios for much of their revenue.

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