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Stick a fork in “NCIS.” Gibbs has left the building.

Mark Harmon exited his starring role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs tonight on CBS’s “NCIS.” The show is in serious ratings decline in its 19th season. Harmon, rumored to be leaving or cutting back on episodes, was written out for good.

Producers say Gibbs could turn up again, but I would guess that would be in a series finale– which could be next winter or spring. Gibbs had a chance to say goodbye to McGee, who’s still a regular character, and Ducky, who is semi-retired.

Harmon’s name is still on the show credits as an Executive Producer. But that’s in name only. He’s 70 years old, presumably very rich, and he’s over it. Also, there’s no more money to squeeze from this orange. And think of all the actors who he outlasted, some of whom don’t have great memories of him.

We’ll see in the morning how tonight’s ratings went. And how they fall out over the next weeks without Harmon.

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