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Where is Kate McKinnon? She re-signed to “SNL” but has been nowhere to be seen in the first two episodes of Season 47. Last fall, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant pulled this trick so they could film some minor series elsewhere. Is Kate making more Verizon commercials?

Last night’s show was all about the Kardashians. It’s about five years too late. Kim, as host, showed a talent for reading cue cards. Otherwise, her appearance was costly. To keep her afloat the show brought in a lot of guest stars and extra players to distract the audience including members of her own avaricious family. We’ll see if all this helped the ratings.

The first sketch of the night, a spoof of “Aladdin,” was vulgar and childish. That set the tone for the whole night. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. Some sketches, like the one about a lottery drawing, made little sense. Even Weekend Update seemed off and not nearly as sharp as Week 1.

Halsey was the musical guest. Her first number was an interminable screech that no one wants to hear again. Her second was a parody of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” with that group’s former member Lindsay Buckingham plucking his guitar strings with an intent to garrotte Stevie Nicks. Did Halsey understand she was being used to do Lindsay’s dirty work?

PS The Halsey appearances sold not one record on iTunes or on Apple streaming. Literally no one said to themselves, I want that tune on my phone.

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