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Last night in Hollywood, Women in Film inaugurated the prestigious Jane Fonda Humanitarian Award by bestowing it on the lady herself, two time Oscar winner Jane Fonda.

It’s about freaking time.

Fonda, who will be 84 in December, deserves the award being named for her. Her philanthropic and activist work is legendary, from fighting for social justice to bringing new awareness of climate dangers to the forefront. Fonda’s been a trailblazer for 50 years.

At the ceremony she was given the award by RuPaul Charles. She said, “This award I think is a torch that will be handed off year after year to new generations of activists who will I hope do a better job than my generation did.”

But she’s underplaying the foundation that she’s set for generations of women who followed her and still do. And not just as an activist. As an actress and producer, Fonda started producing her own movies in the 1970s when she couldn’t find the roles she wanted. A string of hits followed from “Coming Home” to “On Golden Pond.” She has helped steer “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix to seven seasons, the longest in the platform’s history.

Jean Smart, Marlee Matlin, Zendaya, Hannah Einbinder, Siân Heder, and Jenny Yang each received awards this year, too.


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