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Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” re-record album is headed back to number after six months in release.

Originally released on April 9th of this year, “Fearless” 2.0 sold about 600,000 copies, which is sort of amazing since it’s the re-recorded version of an old album. But it has lots of extras and unreleased tracks.

But this week, so far, the album has sold 200,000 copies. This is from the fulfillment of CDs and LPs signed for Taylor’s fan club customers. Wild, huh? The new “Fearless” will go back to number 1.

Taylor is in the middle of re-recording her whole catalog to re-take ownership of the new master recordings. The old ones, which she has disavowed, were sold off to a financial group by her former label owner, Scott Borchetta, and his partner, Scooter Braun, for $300 million. After “Fearless” comes “Red” on November 12th.

The other big album of the week is Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s “Love for Sale,”  which will have a modest sale of around 30,000. Where are all the Gaga fans? This is her passion. And her voice is a thing of beauty.

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