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Adele is back.

The assumption is she’s set for a November 19th release for her “30” album. That would be the approximate sixth anniversary of the “25” album.

Sony is chomping at the bit because there are no releases on anyone’s schedule right now for the 19th or even the following Friday. If they can drop the album on the 19th, Sony will have a clear shot for two weeks and maybe right into Christmas.

Adele’s single comes on October 15th. The way the current audience eats up new releases, they’ll need a second single by November 15th, and then the album release.

To date this year according to Buzz Angle, Adele sold about 580,000 albums, most of them streaming equivalent. Hard sales– downloads and CDs– is 33K.

What will really be interesting is to see which songwriters made the cut this time, and what songwriting credits Adele herself takes. Having a song on an Adele album is like getting a golden ticket. Ka ching!

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