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Hollywood Nights: Jackson Browne Serenades the Crowd for George Clooney’s Newest, Starring Ben Affleck and Lily Rabe


Big news in Hollywood last night for Amazon Studios and George Clooney: they screened George’s new movie, “The Tender Bar” at the Directors Guild, and no less than Jackson Browne entertained the crowd afterwards with songs of his included on the soundtrack.

“Tender Bar” stars the scene stealing Ben Affleck, who could find himself in the Oscar race possibly in the supporting category. The film is based on J.R. Moehringer’s bestselling memoir of a young man from Long Island fulfilling his dream to become a writer. I’d say more but reviews are embargoed until October 10th. Affleck did come and do the red carpet, and yes Jennifer Lopez accompanied him, although she sat on the DGA’s round bench in the lobby and was on her phone while her beau did his thing.

The film also stars the wonderful Lily Rabe, daughter of the late Jill Clayburgh and the living legend playwright David Rabe, who’s been a theater star in New York for years but now maybe will have her breakthrough moment in Hollywood. Also featured are the beloved Christopher Lloyd, and the discovery of the year, the adorable Daniel Raneiri, who plays the young JR; Tye Sheridan is the older one. William Monahan wrote the script and George’s longtime partner Grant Heslov and Ted Hope produced.

Amazon head Jennifer Salke introduced George who briefly introduced the film by saying, “when the discourse is do difficult it’s nice to make a film that’s so opposite. It’s hard to talk about a film that you haven’t seen, we come off as knuckleheads, so if you don’t like it.” George quipped, “blame Ted Hope.”

The after party was at the Sunset Tower hotel, Jackson Browne performed,. He has songs in the film. Clooney made no effort to hide that he is an unabashed fan. “Jackson is a poet; I did a mix tape of his every time I broke up with a girl. When he was 16, Jackson wrote this song ‘These Days.’ Sixteen! If I could have, I would have had every song of his in the film. This incredibly gifted man who has made all of us over the years reflect, be happy and be moved. Now we get a chance to hear him live. I’ve never gotten to do it so I get to say it out loud, ladies and gentleman Jackson Browne!”

Browne wowed the crowd by performing the songs in the film, including “These Days,” “For Everyman” and “My Opening Farewell.” For the last tune, Jackson momentarily forgot the lyrics and joked, “hey it happens sometimes, this is when I strum the guitar more.” He quickly got back on track much to the crowd’s delight, with George cheering him on. “The Tender Bar” will be in LA & NY Theaters on December 17th, nationwide on December 22nd and on Amazon Prime on January 7th.


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Leah Sydney
Leah Sydney
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