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Is “30” coming?

Adele hasn’t released an album since November 2015 and things were looking bleak.

But all signs point to a single, at least, finding us on November 19th. Taylor Swift changed the date of her “Red” re-record release moving it up to November 12th. Why? Because a little birdie may have told Universal that Sony was coming with a monster release on the 19th.

Also, many reports of a “30” ad popping up all over the place spontaneously on billboards in many cities. Adele has numbered her albums in the past 19, 21, 25. She’s 33 now, but 30 is a nice, round number for an album title. She told James Corden in a Carpool Karaoke that the next album would be called Adele, but it’s possible her label or managers prevailed to continue with the digits.

On the web, Adele.com has been redesigned and is asking for people to sign up for emails. That usually means a record is coming, if not a tour.

Another clue is that “Hello,” her big hit from six years ago, is being used by the NFL on NBC for ads. This is not a coincidence. They’re reminding everyone who she is to get us stoked for a new song or album.

So brace yourselves. An Adele drop will be like an atom bomb going off. The good kind.

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