Home business Rub Out? “Sopranos” Sequel “Many Saints of Newark” Takes Just $5 Mil...

Is Warner Bros’ day and date formula with HBO Max in trouble? Or causing trouble?

David Chase’s “The Many Saints of Newark,” the great prequel to “The Sopranos”  TV series, scored just $5 million at the box office this weekend. It’s in wide release at over 3,000 theaters.

“Saints” simultaneously appeared on HBO Max. So “Sopranos” fans who are used to watching the series at home may have done the same thing for “Saints.” We don’t know yet and may never know since WB doesn’t give numbers for HBO Max.

The main thing, I guess, is that “Saints” is eligible for awards, especially Oscars. Chase and many of the actors, especially Alessandro Nivola, deserve the attention. This is NOT a TV show, it’s a movie. It’s not even a continuation of a series, like “Downton Abbey.” It’s got a totally different cast and story.

But Chase can’t be happy about the five mil weekend. “Saints” might have done $11 mil or $12 million without the HBO Max option keeping couch potatoes at home. WB wants him to make at least one sequel, but who knows what his motivation will be if the HBO Max option continues?

Could this have been the reason for Chase’s grumpy presence at last week’s premiere? Bada bing.

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