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Elton John and Stevie Wonder together. Bliss. “Finish Line” is their first ever duet and it’s a hit, of course. So amazing to hear them together on a record, although Stevie did play harmonica on “I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues” and they also appeared on “That’s What Friends Are For.”

But this is their first real single together. Bravo! It’s part of Elton’s chart renaissance. He has a huge hit right now with Dua Lipa in “Cold Heart.” He has another single with Charlie Puth.” And an album coming in three weeks called “The Lockdown Sessions.”

I thought Elton was retiring or something! Nonsense! And he’s having hip surgery this week. He’s still the most hip!

Note to Stevie Wonder: you need a new album, my friend. We miss you!

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