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Ashleigh Banfield, who I’ve always liked so much but haven’t seen in some time, really came through today.

Banfield responded with grace and eloquence to news that Katie Couric slagged her in her upcoming memoir.

Couric writes that she turned against Banfield when she heard that that Ashleigh’s father said in the New York Post that NBC should give her Katie’s job. That’s the gist of it. Katie said she wouldn’t mentor Ashleigh because of it.

If only Katie had called Banfield. Today Ashleigh says a Post reporter called her dad, who was senile in a care home for a quote when Banfield was on assignment in Afghanistan. The poor man was confused, and misquoted on top of that.

Banfield doesn’t care. She goes on to praise Katie, say she’s the gold standard in broadcasting, has always admired her, and hopes she’ll set the record straight.

Ashleigh is a five star reporter, and should be back on a major network. She’s terrific!

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