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The big surprise tonight on “Grey’s Anatomy” is that they brought back a character from four years ago, seen once, played by Scott Speedman.

Speedman, you might see, resembles Patrick Dempsey, the late Dr. McDreamy and husband of Meredith Grey. Dempsey was unceremoniously killed off years ago.

All of Meredith’s suitors since then have died or been written off. Speedman will try and fill the void.

But the bigger news on “Greys” is that the pandemic is over. The doctors and staff are no longer wearing masks. The show started with a card that read something like, “It was very depressing, we’re sorry it’s still going on, but we’re pretending this is the future and COVID has been resolved.”

It’s sort of like in “Pearl Harbor” when Kate Beckinsale runs into Ben Affleck at the end of the movie and says, “And then the war happened it ruined everything.”

Last season it was all COVID COVID COVID. Everyone wore masks and shields. But that was so 2020.

Peter Gallagher has appeared as a doctor in Minnesota who “knew” Meredith’s mother and has dedicated a research lab to her. Why? My guess is, he’s really Meredith’s father. Kate Burton has returned to play Meredith’s dead mother in dream sequences. Coincidence? I think not.

On “Law & Order,” Chris Meloni looks like Grizzly Adams.

The good news is, the Yankees won.

We’ll see overnight ratings midday Friday.

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