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Holy moly.

The day after the 2022 Oscars might go to Joel Coen’s “Macbeth,” Daniel Craig– aka James Bond– will open on Broadway in “Macbeth” with Ruth Negga as Lady Macbeth.

Crazy huh?

Sam Gold is directing the production. Previews begin March 29th, so Oscar and Tony voters can be confused and compare the two productions. Why oh why?

There’s also a chance that Craig could get nominated for Best Actor in the Bond film, “No Time to Die,” which would mean he’d be on stage in New York during the month of Oscar voting. He certainly won’t be able to attend the Oscars, which is a mistake. He should be there this year even if presenting Best Film or something.

So this is really weird timing but I guess Craig wants a Tony nomination, and he’s sending that message.

He’s been on Broadway a couple of times in the last ten years, in “Betrayal” and in a two hander with Hugh Jackman.

But why try to top the Coen “Macbeth” with Denzel Washington? That’s a lot of the Scottish play for anyone, even the most Macbeth-ish fans. The Coen “Macbeth” is going to have Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Director, and Screenplay noms for the Oscars plus all crafts. Even if it makes 2 cents at the box office, it’s a classic film. The producers of the Broadway production should have waited til the fall, I think.


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