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Paul Thomas Anderson’s falsely named “Soggy Bottom” has a real title and a trailer.

Now it’s called “Licorice Pizza,” and as I told you exclusively weeks ago, the movie is based on the teen years of Hollywood producer Gary Goetzman, now Tom Hanks’s producing partner. Goetzman had a career as a child actor.

PTA heard Goetzman’s stories and turned them into a film instead of rock version of “Almost Famous.” Cooper Hoffman, son of the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman, plays Gary.

Bradley Cooper plays real life Jon Peters, who went from being a hairdresser to Barbra Streisand’s boyfriend, to Hollywood producer. Warren Beatty played a version of him in “Shampoo.” In the trailer he tells Hoffman how to pronounce “Streisand.”

The whole trailer has a very Wonder Years feel to it. For PTA it would be a very sentimental film, different than his past work. But it looks very promising.

“Licorice Pizza” was the name of a famous LA record store in the 70s.


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