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You would have thought New Yorkers, tired of being at home after 18 months, would be flocking to the New York Film Festival.

But on the festival’s website there are lists every day for available tickets. Seats at their shows are going begging apparently. Even opening night, technically sold out, had bald spots in Alice Tully Hall.

Either New Yorkers are nervous about getting COVID in theaters or they don’t care for the movie selections. Or both.

The only shows that are really sold out are for Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch.” Otherwise, even Jane Campion’s highly touted “Power of the Dog” has availability.

Tonight at 7pm, conveniently scheduled against the Tony Awards and the Yankees vs the Red Sox, Mario van Peebles is showing a new print of his late father Melvin van Peebles’ classic “Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song.”

Melvin died this week at age 89, so this presentation is particularly important to Mario, who adored his dad. Even if Melvin hadn’t passed, it’s curious scheduling for the Film Festival. Do they want audiences? That’s another question.

Here’s just what’s available today and tomorrow– a lot:

Sunday, September 26

The Worst Person in the World – 12pm (ATH) – $15 Rush tickets
Adoption – 12:30pm (FBT) – $10 Rush tickets
Futura – 12:30pm (WRT) – $10 Rush tickets
Amos Vogel Program 3 – 3pm (FBT) – $10 Rush tickets
Chameleon Street – 3:15pm (WRT) – $10 Rush tickets
Prism – 5:45pm (FBT) – $10 Rush tickets
The Souvenir Part II – 6:15pm (ATH) – $15 Rush tickets
El Gran Movimiento – 6:30pm (HGT) – $10 Rush tickets
Free Talk: Cinema’s Workers – 7pm (AMPH) – Tickets distributed at box office one hour before start time; first come, first served!
Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song – 7:30pm (DP) – $10 Rush tickets
Il Buco – 8:45pm (WRT) – $10 Rush tickets
The Tsugua Diaries – 9pm (HGT)

Monday, September 27

Marx Can Wait – 3:30pm (FBT)
Ahed’s Knee – 6pm (ATH) – $15 Rush tickets
The Round Up – 6pm (FBT)
Outside Noise – 6:15pm (WRT) – $10 Rush tickets
Social Hygiene – 6:30pm (HGT)
Free Talk: Mia Hansen-Løve & Joachim Trier – 7pm (AMPH) – Tickets distributed at box office one hour before start time; first come, first served!
A River Runs, Turns, Erases, Replaces – 8:15pm (FBT) – $10 Rush tickets
The Souvenir Part II – 8:30pm (WRT) – Limited tickets!

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