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It ‘s curtains for “Dear Evan Hansen.”

The Broadway musical turned movie is based on a letter Evan writes to himself but is found in a dead kid’s belongings.

But it’s Return to Sender for the movie which made just $7.5 million including $800,000 in Thursday previews. Ouch!

Universal is headed for a small disaster reminiscent of Warner’s “In the Heights”  disappointment from last June. They should put Evan Hansen on Peacock or VOD right away, do something with it in schools. That’s probably their audience.

Not every hit Broadway show can translate onto the screen. “Evan Hansen” had a lot of issues on stage that no one thought about. Same with “Cats” and “In the Heights.”

The musical that won’t have a problem going back to film is “West Side Story.” Watch Steven Spielberg’s movie soar this December.

Keep refreshing… bracing for some numbers including “Cry Macho” and “Eyes of Tammy Faye”…

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” reports Exhibitor Relations, added 902 theaters and dropped 5% from last week. Total now just $1.5 million. As Jeff Bock points out, get this thing on Disney Plus pronto.

Clint Eastwood’s “Cry Macho” made $2 million over the weekend, another $2 mil Monday through Thursday, bringing its total to $8 million. Who knows who’s watching it on HBO Max? I loved this little film, but it’s dying quickly. With a small budget it will make money in time.

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