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Dear Evan Hansen,

The movie going audience didn’t show up last night. Including previews on Thursday, you made $3.5 million on your opening. Predictions are $8 million for the weekend. Universal might do well to put you on Peacock in a couple of weeks to grab the audience that does want to see you and loved the Broadway musical. Speaking of which, it’s unclear if the movie’s disappointing returns will hurt the show.

Elsewhere, “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” are now shut. Expanding into 900 theaters, the Jessica Chastain vehicle made just $200,000 Friday night, which will give it a $600,000 weekend and spell the end out pretty clearly for Searchlight. Chastain, I predict, will survive all this and still get awards love. But no amount of preaching can get audiences into the theaters.

Everyone’s waiting for James Bond. Is this “No Time to Die” at the box office? The world premiere is Tuesday in London. The movie starts previews here on October 6th. Everyone I talk to says this is the film that will jolt people back to theaters. Tuesday at 6pm Eastern we’ll know the answer. We’d like to be stirred, not shaken.

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