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Hilarie Burton Morgan, actress and wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was especially close to late “Sex and the City” actor Willie Garson. Garson died this week at age 57 after a year long battle with pancreatic cancer.

In an emotional post on Instagram, Burton wrote overnight that Garson, despite his illness, wrote a memoir and asked her to get it published. No word yet on whether she’s found an agent or a publisher. but it shouldn’t be too hard.

Burton says the book is a “love letter.” So everyone hoping for dirt about Hollywood co-stars, I doubt it will be there.

She wrote:

“We were together in 2019 while I was in the final edit of my book. He came to play on a movie I was producing…elevating the material, always. We talked a lot about memoir, this weird industry, our families. He’d been toying with an idea for a book. An accounting of his career as a character actor. As someone who benefited from hours of Willie’s stories over countless dinners, I loved this idea.

“So he did it. He wrote the book. And recently he asked if I’d help his family get it published for his son Nathen. It is a love letter to our industry, to storytelling and to the hundreds of people he worked with and made better over the decades.
To Willie’s family, especially @nathen_garson , …on my honor I will see it through. You have been so generous in sharing him with the rest of us. Love you.”

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