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Two co-hosts tested positive for COVID this morning live on the show and had to leave the set during the show.

Vice President Kamala Harris, set to the main guest, hasn’t arrived 45 minutes into the show.

Joy Behar is now taking questions from the audience!

Both Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro tested positive and had to leave the stage. Joy and Sarah Haines remain alone on the stage with no guest and nothing planned, so they’re reduced to taking questions from the audience. Of course, Joy could do the whole show herself.

Hostin and Navarro were each double vaxxed, so their cases are breakthrough. (Feel like going to the Governors Ball concert now?)

The result was Harris, who was supposed to do her first live in person interview on The View, had to do a shortened live piece from elsewhere in the ABC News complex.

Harris did get to announce her news, that broadband service was going to be made available more broadly across the country especially for students.

Keep refreshing!

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