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You may recall the live action version of “Clifford the Big Red Dog” was supposed to a gala presentation at the Toronto Film Festival. It was set to open by Paramount right after that, on September 17th.

Then Paramount pulled the kid friendly film from their schedule and said it was because of COVID. They said they didn’t want to hurt kids. But they still released “PAW Patrol” for kids onAugust 20th, which has done pretty well. So nothing really made sense.

Well, then Viacom fired studio chief Jim Gianopolous and replaced him with Brian Robbins, who comes from the Nickelodeon division. Now “Clifford” is back on the schedule, for November 10th, in theaters and on Paramount Plus.

Is this the case of the tail wagging the dog? Obviously, Gianopolous didn’t like the film or was really nervous about kids getting COVID. Was that what made Paramount send him to the pound? Anyway, Robbins is pro-“Clifford,” and who isn’t? Time to get him out of the dog house and up on the screen!

Will we start to see more Paramount releases soon? Or this just a bone Robbins is throwing us? We’ll have to chew on that.

And let’s have a sense of humor about all this, kids. We don’t often get such golden (retriever) opportunities for puns!


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