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Amy Schumer has had her uterus removed after a diagnosis of endometriosis. The comedian/actress/activist posted a long video to Instagram tonight explaining her entire health situation, and it’s to be commended. She is very brave and incredibly candid.

The gist of the story is that she says she’s been in pain every month with her period for years. She has a child, son Gene, but she adds “how lucky” she was to have him when many women who suffer from endometriosis can’t. She married Martha’s Vineyard chef Chris Fischer in 2018.

In the video she thanks Tampax “for not firing me” and says she had to pass on a boxing movie because she was in too much pain to work. She thanks her doctors and nurses.

“It took me four decades to be diagnosed,” she says. adding that the endometriosis was in her ovaries. “I won’t have menopause,” she observes.

Schumer is in a movie coming soon, “The Humans,” based on the hit, award winning Broadway play. Here’s to a speedy recovery!


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