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The Emmy Awards are on tonight, at 8pm on CBS. Cedric the Entertainer, not nominated from the CBS not nominated sitcom, “The Neighborhood,” is the host.

Will any winners come from CBS? ABC? NBC? The broadcast networks?

There aren’t that many choices. In drama, it’s NBC’s “This is Us” and Sterling K. Brown. In comedy, it’s ABC’s “Blackish” and its stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. There’s also an acting nomination in comedy for NBC’s Kenan Thompson from his sitcom, “Kenan.”

Thompson hails from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” which has already won guest actor in a comedy nods for Dave Chappelle and Maya Rudolph. Thompson and Bowen Yang are nominated for Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, and Aidy Bryant are all nominated for Supporting Actress in a Comedy.

And that’s it for the main categories. In Variety Talk, HBO’s John Oliver will likely win for the umpteenth time against his network rivals.

Everything else will go to HBO, Netflix, Apple and Hulu. Amazon is mostly out of the race this year because “Mrs. Maisel” skipped a season because of the pandemic.

Tomorrow the story will be that the ratings are down again because the Emmys are shown on a broadcast network but ignore all the shows on those networks. The ratings will be proportionate to cable ratings. No one will mention “NCIS.” And that’s the way it is.

So stay tuned for a surprise. What if “Blackish” and its stars won? Now, that would be worth stopping the presses for!

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