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EXCLUSIVE  Last week, Chris Rock joked about being vaxxed and not having COVID last at the A list comedians’ charity show at Madison Square Garden for 9-11 families.

Then today Rock announced he had COVID after all. He wrote on Twitter: “Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated.”

People who went to the show have since observed that some of other comics who participated in “NYC Still Rising After 20 Years” may be in trouble after Rock’s news.

It seems that onstage, Rock shared a joint with Pete Davidson, Jon Stewart, and Dave Chappelle. So besides other people Rock came in contact with, those three would seem like targets for the coronavirus.

There are no photos or videos of the comics, unmasked, all sharing the joint because Chappelle’s company paid to have Yondr cases deployed to the whole audience, locking up all phones.

Rock was actually a surprise guest that night, appearing without billing or warning. Most of his set concerned his contentious divorce.

Davidson’s exposure would be trouble for him if he intends on returning to “SNL” soon. Chappelle is on tour. Stewart is taping a new talk show. Michael Che and Colin Jost were also backstage and on the show, and they are integral to “SNL.” Jimmy Fallon did a song on the show. He can’t afford to get sick with the “Tonight” show live every day.

Let’s hope no one else gets sick. And Chris, speedy recovery!

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