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Long live Clint Eastwood!

“Cry Macho,” his newest film, made $1.6 million in wide release on its opening night. The saga of Clint, a rooster, and a teenage kid trying to get out of Mexico did very well considering the movie is also available on HBO Max.

And why not? You want to see this cinematography on a big screen, believe me. And Clint is endearing as ever. For so called adult movie goers, “Cry Macho” is a good reason to get out of the house this weekend. (So is “Tammy Faye.”)

Going wide was a smart idea for Warner Bros. I’ll bet the word of mouth is very strong for “Cry Macho.” Clint’s looking at a $5 million opening weekend. The budget is small, so once again, Malpaso Pictures will turn a profit.

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