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Here’s a shock: Lana del Rey says on Instagram she’s deactivating all her social media accounts as of today, Sunday. She released a new single this week, “Arcadia,” which precedes a new album coming next month called “Blue Banisters.” She’s already had a critical hit this year with “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” which should get some Grammy nominations later this fall.

What’s caused Lana to retreat from the public eye is anyone’s guess. She’s certainly not retiring as she says from making music, spoken word albums, and poetry books. But something’s happened to spook her a little, I guess. She’s smiling all the way through her video, which is shot in black and white and kind of an old fashioned stuttering film style.

She says, “That is simply because I have so many interests, and other jobs I’m doing that require privacy and transparency.”

How she’s going to release a new album without social media is puzzling. Maybe she’ll be back in a couple of weeks after taking a breather. I certainly hope so. Lana– whose real name is Elizabeth Grant — is one of the most dynamic and best artists of this generation.


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