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The weekend box office brought great delight to Shang Chi and the 10 Rings. Marvel’s first Asian American superhero was such a hit in its second weekend that it now has banked $145 million total. “Shang Chi” is headed to $200 million, which is a huge accomplishment and will set a record for the pandemic, the post-pandemic and all pandemics. A sequel or two are in the offing.

And get this: China probably won’t show “Shang Chi.” It’s too upsetting for the restrictive government to show to their people. Well, Hollywood doesn’t need China, suckers. In the rest of the world, “Shang Chi” has collected $112 million and is going strong!

Not so good at home is James Wan’s “Malignant.” The horror film delayed since March 2020 has made just $5.5 million. Not all horror movies can scare up an audience, I guess. “”Malignant” is living up its name.

Some good news: Paul Schrader’s “Card Counter” with Oscar Isaac and Tiffany Haddish made $1.1. million in very limited release. The reviews are solid, and I hope to see it this week. (Don’t ask, I’ve tried, nothing is easy these days.)

“Free Guy” passed $100 million, which needs applause because it’s not a sequel or based on anything. It’s an actual original movie.

This Friday comes “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” with Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield in what looks like a very campy stab at the deceased evangelist and her conniving husband. Crossing fingers it’s a lot of fun, but no one knows because the embargo on reviews is set to spring open moments before the film hits the screen. I hope they got a mascara product placement at least!


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