Home Politics Remembering 9-11: Bruce Springsteen Gives Stirring Performance at Memorial Tribute (Video)

A thin looking Bruce Springsteen performed a stirring acoustic version of his song, “I’ll See You in My Dreams” this morning at the 9-11 memorial tribute. Springsteen just wrapped his summer long Broadway show.

Meanwhile the reading of the names of the dead has continued, and is more upsetting than ever. The raw emotion of all the people who read the names and spoke in memory of their loved ones is haunting and so genuine. There are real New Yorkers, and you just love every one of them. Their lost family members and friends are heroes for real and forever.

I am so lucky. My parents survived that day on an American Airlines flight from London that landed in St. John, Newfoundland. My friends who were living across the street, and who worked in the World Trade Center, had a terrible day but lived. So many didn’t. God bless them all.

I had a beautiful view of the World Trade Center for many years. We used to joke that it was our weathervane. You could tell how bad a storm there was just looking downtown at those two enormous towers. Clouds welled up and fog overtook them when storms came in. That was made 9-11 so weird. It was bright and sunny. Just like heaven (we hope).

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