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Drake should bake a cake. And put candles all over it.

The Canadian born R&B rap star’s “Certified Lover Boy” sold over 600,000 streaming equivalent copies in its debut week. It’s biggest release of 2021, maybe the biggest of the last couple of years.

“CLB” is all streaming. Paid downloads were only about 37,900 according to Buzz Angle.

All the tracks from “CLB” are hits, too, streaming away individually. The top one is “Way 2 Sexy,” with nearly 400,000 copies sold. Nine more range between 200K and 350K. Not bad!

The number 2 album was Kanye West’s “Donda,” with 143K sold this past week, and a total of 459K after 2 weeks. All streaming. Ka ching!

The loser here is iTunes. Drake and Kanye fans don’t seem to care about “owning” the music. The winners are Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and even Tidal.

The other big winner of the week was lumbering heavy metal group, Iron Maiden. Their first album in six years, “Senjutsu,” sold 53,000 copies in CDs and downloads. Adele should take a look at that. She hasn’t released an album in six years, either!


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