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Bruce Willis is in the middle of a run of D movies, unprecedented in film history. Dozens and dozens of shlock films made for video and countries and planets where no discernible language is necessary.

Today they announced a new one called “Corrective Measures,” which has been placed with a streaming service you’ve never heard of, called Tubi. It’s a free service owned by Fox Entertainment. Michael Rooker, who’s pretty good right now in “Suicide Squad,” will star. Bruce will lend his name and likeness and appear in a few scenes shot over the course of a day.

“Corrective Measures” will be seen by no one in 2022.

Since 2015 Bruce has “starred” in a dozen or so of these things, all produced by him and Stephen J. Eads. There is no thought to Bruce’s screen legacy, which has been dismantled by these loony tune movies. I guess they make some money from them, people in banana republics have no idea what’s going on but see Bruce’s bald pate and think they’re getting “Die Hard 17.”



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