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Mark Lewinsohn is a very busy man.

Lewinsohn is the unofficial chronicler of the Beatles. He’s written dozens of books about the Fab Four, noting every recording session, each minute from 1962 to 1970, and all the movements of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

He’s even written books and given lectures about ancillary Beatles projects and themes, like the influence of Black Music on the group, and why the bowl haircut mattered.

So now, with the approaching Peter Jackson documentary series “Get Back” approaching, and the “Let It Be” anniversary box sets coming, you’d think Lewinsohn would be geared up for a media onslaught.

But Lewinsohn declared this morning on Twitter that he had “scant time” for that sort of thing. He’s busy eight days a week!

He writes on Twitter: “With @thebeatles Get Back/Let It Be coming up, I’m being bombarded with media requests I’ve scant time to do. But here are quotes galore to be lifted, used and informed by.” He directs us to his website, of course. Listen he has scant time to talk to the people who made him rich and famous. I don’t blame him.

Don’t worry, Mr. L. There are so many great Beatles resources, and of course, we grew up with them. We’ll muddle on without you.

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