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So this week “The View,” returning next week on ABC, announced a series of Flashback Friday’s with former hosts returning to the studio.

First up is Star Jones on September 10th. I won’t get into all the reasons Star departed, but her sponsored wedding contributed to the exit. There was a lot of bad publicity.

But if invitations went out to former hosts, someone forgot to mail one to Rosie O’Donnell. The beloved talk show host, actress, activist was a host twice in two different runs on “The View.” She was terrific, but her presence often challenged Whoopi Goldberg over who was in charge.

Rosie, I’m told, is very busy right now shooting the pilot of “American Gigolo” in Los Angeles. She was also featured this past season on Showtime’s “The L Word” and the mini series “I Know This Much is True.” She was a big hit on “SMILF” until the show’s creator screwed up and the plug got pulled.

But if “The View” is serious about this PR stunt, they’d better bring back Rosie. She has legions of fans who’d love to see her back taking on Hot Topics.

PS One smart idea would be to have Rosie do a “Welcome Back Broadway” show. No one knows Broadway better. And it would be fun for a change!

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