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For a minute there it looked like Lady Gaga could get two Oscar nominations again this season, but those hopes have been dashed.

Paramount just moved Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun Maverick” to Memorial Day weekend 2022 and along with it the song Lady Gaga wrote for the movie.

Gaga still has a shot at Best Actress for her role in “House of Gucci.” Maybe she’s got a song in that film!

Paramount has basically shut down for the rest of 2021. They not only moved “Maverick” out of 2021, but also the new “Jackass” movie. They have nothing on their schedule now. Moving “Maverick” to May 2022 means they will have two huge Tom Cruise movies next year, with “Mission Impossible 7” following in November.

The reasoning behind moving “Maverick” is that theaters are still not wide open audiences are ambivalent about returning during the Delta variant. But I’ve also heard rumblings from the “Maverick” world for some time that director Joseph Kosinski– who made Cruise’s not such a hit “Oblivion” in 2013– was having problems keeping control of the movie away from Tom and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Some issues may not be settled yet.

So Paramount survives 2021 with just one hit, “A Quiet Place, Part 2,” and banks on Tom Cruise heavily to save 2022.

PS A lot of the actors must be disappointed. At least Val Kilmer, we know he’s got his documentary, everyone loves it. But where is Glen Powell? The poor guy is waiting to be a star already!

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