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ABBA is back.

It’s not like they never left. Although the the quartet – Agnetha Faltskog, Anna-Frid Lyngstad, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson – broke up in 1982, we’ve never heard the end of them.

First there was the Broadway musical “Mamma Mia.” Then two movies with their song.

In 2018 they returned to the studio, promising two new songs later that year.

Those tracks, “I Still Have Faith In You,” and “Don’t Shut Me Down,” have been repeatedly delayed – and the band are now planning to release five tracks to thank fans for their patience.

On Friday all will be revealed when some music will appear, and ABBA’s “Voyager” tour will be announced. The latter will not feature them live because the women, divorced from the men long ago, don’t get along with their former spouses.

Instead, the tour will be some kind of immersive experience featuring avatars or holograms. Their fans will no doubt Take a Chance on them, and the only person sending out an SOS will be me.

When “Waterloo” first hit the radio  in 1974, everyone thought it was bubblegum music. If you’d asked me then, will this last?, I would have said no. At some point both “Dancing Queen” and “Fernando” became number 1 hits and I was gobsmacked. But ABBA fans are mesmerized by this group, and no harm has come from it. Also, Cher has done very well by them.

So let’s brace ourselves. If the new records are good, ABBA will be all over the radio this weekend. And Atlantic Records will have a field day with the catalog!

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